English Class Presentation - Sled Dogs

[pdf-embedder url=”http://www.l2h.site/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Final-Presentation.pdf"] Good evening. Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Lambert. My topic today is about dogs. Have you seen the movie “Eight Below”? It tells how eight sled dogs tried to live in the harsh condition of Antarctic after left behind by a scientific expedition team in the storm. After 5 months when the team came back, 6 of them survived. We all know Antarctic is extremely cold and lack of resource, but who are they, and what makes them survive? You may find the answer from the three kind of dogs that I’m gonna introduce. First of all, I will talk about Siberian Husky. Next, I will introduce Alaskan Malamute. Finally, I will tell you about Samoyed. I will be glad to issue questions at the end of the presentation. Now, Siberian Husky. OK. So much for Husky. We’ll now move on to Malamute. We’ve looked at Malamute. Let’s look now at Samoyed. That’s all I have to say about sled dogs.